Back on Track

by Jean-Michel George

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released June 7, 2015

2015 - Music,Vocals & Lyrics Jean-Michel George



all rights reserved


Jean-Michel George Paris, France

Like stepping stones in a storm-tossed sea
These hand-picked songs propound to be
The safest path from you to me ...

Anglo-French composer, songwriter and singer.

Using film references, humour, nostalgia and stories with a twist as building blocks, my music is the by-product of a life spent swinging from soundtracks to pop, classical to EDM, jazz to new-wave

I hope you enjoy this selection
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Track Name: Cortina Girl
I saw you once amid a bluebell wood
Bathed in sun and patchouli you stood
Carried softly by the breeze
You danced with shadows from the trees
There was magic in the air

I saw you twice within a golden spoon
A letter stolen from the melting moon
Which like the color of your hair
And that perfume that you wear
My childhood memories are attuned

And the story begins
In a tail of hurricane winds
As you sail unaware of the things
You deflect or align
With your butterfly wings

Caught in a gale
Cortina girl

Whelmed in nature's gift like heady wine
And fragrant watercolors we sublime
Is it a blessing or a curse
For better or for worse ?
Your Midas touch will keep me there

Lucky fruit and moirae spin in threes
Crossing paths and palms with silver seas
So I sailed the thread of fate
To your Mary Lennox gate
Your secret garden and lair

And there in June at last I understood
Your fading flowers hung as true bells should
Swaying gently in the breeze
Dancing only for the trees
And higher still the angels share

If Atropos ripped
From Clotho's ephemeral script
All the pages we shared
May the ship rest afloat in your dreams
When the lullaby sings

Caught in a gale
Cortina girl

And you're locked in a sea of emerald green
Track Name: Life's a Supermarket
At night I think of you
And all the things we do
And every place we've ever been

I like to picture us
Aboard an omnibus
Blinded by these city lights

We've paid the bill
It's all down hill
From here ...

Life's a supermarket
I've got a bigger basket than yours
A trolley locked on target
And the aisle I chose to park it was yours ...

Champagne ...

There ain't a game I can't handle
But you haven't got a clue though
It's Miss Scarlett in the bedroom with a candle
...if you're lucky

The bargains on the bottom shelf
The cream on top, so help myself

Flattery will get you nowhere ducky

I miss my lady
I guess I'm in love
I love my lady
My lady lady lady

I miss my lady
I guess I'm in love
I love my lady
My lady lady lady

Life's a supermarket
I've got a bigger basket than yours
A trolley locked on target
And the aisle I chose to park it was yours
Track Name: Lost in a Photograph of You
I took to you, the open road
Unsure of what I'd find
An anagram of where I "strode"
In a whim-born state of mind

A book by you that caught my eye
What story will unfold ?
I trust your words. We cannot die
In "The land of never grow old"

Through yellow haze and bathed in light
Your curves attract my finger
Which like that gaze will burn all night
If joined by yours they linger

Your body traps the orange glow
And rides the sun-kissed oak
Absorbed by you in turn I know
It's gone beyond a yoke

On honey moons we'll heaven late
Flirting with dawn's crack
'Til morning sees me meditate :
I've been to hell, to hell 'n' back !

I thought your plough was hard to miss (Artemis)
With seven stars aglow
On ancient myths I reminisce
So bear with me Callisto

But can you hear that distant hack ?
I fear your oak is dead
On me your knave and lumberjack
You'll learn to lean instead

I'll be your tree, your wooden leg
Your Easter bunny hollow
Your Long John Silver cribbage peg
Your twig and twin Apollo

A raven's nest, ingenious bed
With polar bear and pillow
A moonlit perch way overhead
Where owls will come and go

Lost in a photograph of you
Track Name: Fugit Amor
You've got me where you wanna
In fact it's safe to say I am a goner
I'm hanging on by my finger-tips
I'm tongue-tied but you can read my lips

The pied piper's at the butterfly ball
Charming me up and pinning me down. Life's ephemeral
So let's flutter and get to grips
Your brain-fried but you can move those hips

I love you like no other
Like lovers do and like a brother
Tender moments and laughing fits
You want the stories with the juicy bits

La, la, la .... (lots of La, La, La's ....)

Spin me like a Catherine wheel, a propeller
I serenade all night a Capella
I'm sorry if I give you the shits
I aim to please you, and I love those tits ...

Your smile's fading, your eyes are slits
And did I mention that I love those tits ?
Track Name: The Jigsaw Girl
I see the curl of your lips on the rim of a glass
And the curve of your hips on the long summer grass
Got the perfume you wore on the tip of my tongue
I've even got your number, but you won't answer for what I've done

Made the wrong fucking choice when I took you to bed
I've got the top of your voice in the back of my head
And your nails like a rake in the thick of my hair
And I can hear you murmur "What have I done ?"

(It's a curse, a mirage, a trick of the light
Where are you ?
A spell I can't break
Where are you ?)

It's the chance that we missed when I left you behind
And the blow of your kiss that seeps through my mind
Like the sun on your breasts through the Venetian blinds
And I don't want to let go

We were partners in crime building castles in Spain
Stealing moments in time that cling to my brain
Like the silk of your dress as we danced in the rain
And I can see a rainbow
I can see a rainbow ...
Track Name: Flitter-Flutter
Love is viral (love is viral)
Like a spiral
Ooh ! Steady on.

Les mouches à beurre
A butterfly ... Un papillon quoi !
(You fancy her)
Papillon, tatillon, Sally on fire
Don't stop now, gonna take you higher

What are you doing ?
You're looking at 'er aren't ya' ? Ay ? I can see
You're up to your old bleedin' tricks again aren't ya' ?
Just can't keep your eyes off 'er. Ay ?
Sick of this ...
Every time. Every bleedin' time !

The distant cheerful chitter-chatter
Floods my foggy brain
My mind's a blur
Fifty fingers flitter-flutter
Driving me insane
Les mouches à beurre
What ??
Well ... A butterfly ... Un papillon quoi !

The grass is getting too much rain
I can hear it grow
It's time for me to mow again
But when I do it screams (sort of)

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Riddle or rhyme and rhyme it must
You're just an anagram of "lust"

Papillon, tatillon, Sally on fire
Don't stop now, gonna take you higher
Love is viral (love is viral)
Like a spiral
Icing on the cake with a dollop of cream
On the cherry in the middle of its own wet dream
Ooh ! Steady on.

Tongues are twisting like the bitter
Butter Betty bought
You fancy 'er
And amidst you kissed her sister
Better not get caught
Pas touche la soeur
What ??

Every bleedin' time !

And the distant cheerful chitter-chatter
Floods my foggy brain
Track Name: Daddy used to Travel
Daddy used to travel a lot
Mummy used to cry at home
And I used to play in the backroom
And in my pocket was a photograph
Of you
Of you

That's when we came to France
Give ourselves another chance
But I'm still stuck in the backroom
Tearing up your photograph

Oh Daddy
Now your flying home at last
On a cold and rainy morning
As the smell of kerosene fills the air
I could burn
And the terminal is empty
And I'm pretty much the same
As they hand across the little box
And on it is your name
And all I can think of are the stupidest jokes :
"How much does a Grecian earn" (urn) ?

Fifteen years have flown
And I have children of my own
That bear your name
But you've never known

Oh Daddy,
When the shadows of the past
Take me without warning
Craving for what could have been
I'm aware I should burn
If the story is repeating
I'm pretty much to blame
But it's hard to keep on smiling
Except within a frame
When all that you've lived for has gone up in smoke
Some people never learn
Track Name: A Mile in your Shoes
Shades of gray, shadow play
I'm your fickle friend
I'm colder than ice when I need some space
Fighting fire with fire
Our expectations high
But the tide was far too low
We've still got so much to learn

We got through, day by day
Stumbling as we went
Learning to fly was the hardest part
We broke our wings in two
We've walked a mile in each others shoes
Why can't we try it again ?

Somewhere, up above, I hear laughing
Echoes fill the night. Are you there ?
If we reach and form an arc, like an exclamation mark
Across the sky, we can fly

Prophecies of love and lust
Were watered down and left to rust
While chimeras and pipe-dreams saved the day

All it takes is faith and trust
And a little bit of pixie dust
Will help two early birds along the way

All good things must come to an end (and all that stuff)
So they say ...
Like the foreboding "Of Mice and Men"
And "Brief Encounter" too
We walked a while, long enough to choose
We still have so much
We still have so much
We still have so much to learn

High above the ground angels dancing
Remnants of the light that we shared
Casting shadows around your park, glowing faintly after dark
A satellite of love

Somewhere down the line you've got to let it go
Somewhere down the line you've got to let it go
Track Name: Dreamer
I've traveled the world in my head
Sung for millions in a shed
But now another voice
Has lead me to the choice
Between fear and the words you haven't said

I'm just a dreamer
Living in a specious world
But you're more than welcome
To make it all come true

On a sky-lit ocean
As I sail into the blue
Guided by a star that could be you

I've traveled again, half way round
Can I declare us lost and found ?
A solitary song
Is this where I belong ?
Or with you, with both feet on the ground

I'm not a dreamer
I have found my precious pearl
The world's an oyster
There's nothing we can't do

On a silent ocean
As I sail a boat for two
Guided by a star that must be you

Come on, let's fly ...